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How to do an essay: 3 steps to follow

Professors will give you essay projects for the sake of peering into your character and getting a glimpse of how you think. Writing an essay is a conversational task that exposes traits about you that you may not have known. For this reason, your essay is a wide open canvass just waiting for some fresh paint; and you have free run to be as creative, opinionated and bold as you want.

The sketching process

In the same way an artist thinks about his next creation and then sketches it according to his vision, so the writer too must sit and brainstorm about what he or she wants to write, and then create a rough draft of the essay’s content.

This preliminary process sometimes involves hours of just sitting around contemplating your writing strategy, as well as jotting down keywords which will be main points in your essay. In some cases you will also find that researching is necessary to get a fuller picture of your concept. These factors all culminate into a first draft which will be tweaked later to fit the desired context.

Enjoy the scenery

Once the painter has an outline of his picture, he gets his colours ready and starts to paint. This process is not quickly and thoughtlessly carried out. The artist takes his time, sometimes splashing, sometimes smudging, and sometimes making detailed changes as he goes. The paint covers his previous sketch where necessary, ensuring that he isn’t bound to follow his outline.

Your writing process is similar in that changes can and should be readily made when you begin to write your essay. Rushing an essay almost always results in mediocre work. Taking your time and enjoying the process will show through when your essay is being read.

Some finishing touches

At the end of the artist’s work, he dabs a little here and scratches a little there. He wants his painting to perfectly reflect the image he had in his mind before he started.

Your writing will require you to add and remove certain elements that don’t fit into your concept. Paragraphs must flow into each other and the introduction and conclusion must fit in well with the rest of the main body. Mistakes should be removed, and your essay will need a onceover before you decide that it’s exactly the way you want it.