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What Is Your Definition Of A Hero?

Nobody is born a hero. Rather, as life unfolds, few people make some remarkable achievements that make many people admire and rank them. Arguably, people define heroes differently. Some will define them based purely on about the traits that they individual possess. Others will define their heroes based on one or two specific and outstanding actions. In my opinion, a hero is someone who risks their life to save another person’s life.

Can Everyone Be A Hero?

Everyone can make remarkable achievements if they put in effort and time in their areas of passion. Psychologists affirm this by saying that, by having the right attitude and thinking positively about life, people can achieve almost anything. Hence, if heroism is about achievements, then everyone can be a hero. Nonetheless, only a few people can jeopardize their lives to save others. In any case, many people are so selfish that they cannot pursue goals for the sake of others. Rather, many achievements are made as people try to gain personal benefits.

Clearly, one of the heroes of all times is mother Theresa. She has been praised for her ability to not only help the destitute, but to also risk her life in the process. Many other non-governmental organizations, and individuals as well, have done close to what she did in Calcutta. However, such organizations are not ready to risk their lives, and as a result, they have not been ranked as highly as she was. No wonder, many Christians refer to Jesus as a hero because He risked his life for the sake of the world.

Overcoming All Odds

Further still, it is not necessary for true heroes to have a lot of money. Most of the idolized people in the society may have made a lot of money, illegally and legally, and thus able to achieve a lot of things that others cannot. On the other hand, true heroes have the will and commitment to ensure that they change the lives of others.

Most of the heroes do not have support to start up projects. In many instances, they face a lot of opposition when starting up their initiatives. However, because of their good traits and commitment, they are able to overcome all these issues in the end. And, as they achieve their goals, people praise them for their efforts and will even support them. Clearly, a true hero has good personal traits and will risk their lives to make extra ordinary achievements for the sake of others.