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10 Bright Cause And Effect Paper Topic Ideas

Cause and effect essays are also known as causal essays. These are a form of argumentative essays that show why certain events and phenomenon occur. These essays answer why questions; and in some cases, the question is almost impossible to answer fully. Some cause and effect papers are merely forms of speculation that are argued as effectively as possible with solid reasoning and evidence. The brightest and best essay questions answer why things happen, why people do what they do, why something is a trend, and why events occurred. Here are 10 good topics that could be argued in a cause and effect paper:

  1. What causes addictions? This is an attractive topic for students because they can write about any type of addiction, from gambling to methamphetamines.
  2. Why do people stay in poverty? Poverty is a real problem in our world and it might seem like people do not do anything to get out of it. You can look at the reasons why people stay there.
  3. Why do we have fears? This could be looked at from a scientific standpoint or a psychological standpoint. You could look at specific fears, or just fears in general.
  4. Why do people commit suicide? This is always a timely subject for teens, since many teens know someone who has committed suicide.
  5. Why do people join gangs? Again, another timely topic for teens. This is a fascinating subject, especially when looking at it along with poverty.
  6. Why do people choose to vote or not to vote? The numbers of people who do not vote continues to grow with each election. The causes of voter apathy can be interesting to the right person.
  7. Why are people so obsessed with animals pictures on social media? There is a trend about cute animals pictures online. What caused it? Will the trend ever end? Only your research will find out.
  8. Why is violence so prevalent in the United States? It seems like every night, there are reports of more violence in communities around the country. What is causing this to happen? If we can learn the causes, maybe we can learn how to stop it.
  9. Why did _______ War occur? You can fill in the blank about any war and then you can look into the reasons why the war occurred. You can look on the surface or you can dig deeper into lesser known events.
  10. Why are some animals endangered or extinct? For animals lovers this can be a fascinating topic.