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Creative Thinking Process

Response One

I think of people who are very creative when I am encounter a very tricky situation. Creative people have the skills and knowledge that can assist them find unique solutions to very tricky circumstances. The most common attribute among the creative people is the high level of their imagination. These individuals examine a situation critically before they come up with a proposal.

Response Two

There are various circumstances that have exposed to the creative thinking process. The most typical situation presented to an environment where I was supposed to guide my group members in a decision-making process that could assist us in planning for our project. The planning presented various tricky situations that made me confused at some points. However, after undertaking some meditation, I was able to come up with ideal solutions to the concerns.

Response Three

Creativity is one of the most critical constructs in the society today. Creativity assists the society to have high levels of social and cultural stability because it guides various processes in the society. There are various functions in the society that require high levels of originality and motivation. One of the aspects included the leadership of the society. Without creativity, most of the operations in the society could be without ambition and influence.

Response Four

Creativity can be both innate and developed. In some situations, some people within a family can be very goods leaders who can handle certain situations in a very innovative way. In this situation, the creativity is passed through genes from one person to another. On the other hand, when a person is exposed to creativity especially in the elemental development, that aspects is likely to grow in a person. Therefore, creative can grow progressively if an individual puts the skills in continuous and consistent practice.

Response Five

Giving creative people a lot of money is not a motivating factor. However, facilitating the acquisition of satisfaction is very crucial towards motivating these people. Satisfaction can be acquired through enhancing autonomy, mastery and purpose of the activity.