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Healthcare Utilization

In this age of gloabilisation and advanced technological advancement, the need of healthcare utilization is increasing by leaps and bounds. It is to help the poor and unwanted children’s of the urban regions. Just as poverty, being a child of a poor urban family is considered as the curse of the society. Since, unwanted and poor children’s of the urban regions are deprived from the facilities and utilities of the health care services. As a result, the intensity of physical and emotional disorders increased that enhanced the casualty ratio. In favour of the latter statement, improvement in health care utilization is increasing mainly to mitigate the intensity of chronic disorders along with physical and mental health problems. However, due to lack of proper attention of the government institutions, the death rate is enhancing rapidly.

Apart from this, the term, ‘health care utilization’ is considered as the most pivotal requirement of each and every individual in the entire globe. The prime cause behind this fact is mainly due to the changes in the global environment. Among many other leading factors, the highest growth in population is considered as the crucial source of health care utilization. Due to high growth of population, the intensity of health problems enhanced, thereby, declining the scope to survival. In this context, highest growth of population is directly related to health care services or utilities. As a result, the demand and needs for health care services as well as advanced healthcare techniques, augmented that boosted the expenditure related to it. Against the latter statement, failure to implement advanced healthcare techniques might enhance the problems related to health. As a result, the death rate of the individual might get increased that may prove extremely detrimental for the developing countries. Considering the above mentioned aspects, the governmental bodies of both developing and developed economies tried to offer dedicated focus towards the concept of health care utilization. Varied types of medi-care programs insurance policies are enforced so as to reduce the total amount of treatment.

Thus, in the recent days, the concept of health care utilization changed totally. Now a day, health care organizations tried to offer more focus on safety and security of the ailing patients so as to reduce the scope of demise or loss. However, in order to do so, the health care organization implemented varied types of advanced medical technologies and techniques.