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List Of Essay Topics On Indira Gandhi To Consider

When you are tasked with writing an essay and you want to cover something about Indira Gandhi, there are many potential topics on which you can write. Below you will find some example topics, but remember that these are meant to be examples or guides that you use to find a topic that really interests you.

  • Write a paper about the Indian National Congress
  • Write about the New Prime Minister
  • Write an essay about her early political career and her founding of the Monkey Brigade
  • Write about her time spent in prison
  • Write an essay about one of her three terms
  • Write about her authoritarian policies
  • Write an essay about her assassination
  • Write about her early life and her family
  • Write a paper about her political accomplishmentsv
  • Write about her autocratic leadership

If none of these interest you, you can of course use them as a broad foundation and refine the information that you have to something more specific to your interests. You can even write papers that relate Indira Ghandi to events that are taking place now or how her assassination led to her son being ushered into power. You can use any of the examples below and qualify them based on the page count you have to cover in the course of your essay.

For example, you can focus on one particular policy that she enforced while in office and the steps that she went through to get that policy enforced and what things it did after it was approved. You can also write about how that particular policy continues to effect the political landscape today, or how it was removed.

You could cover the state of emergency which took place for 21 months during her rule and what authoritarian policies led to such a social and economic landscape to form. You can cover the anti-Sikh riots which took place after her assassination and what influence those riots and that transition to power has today on the modern culture and political landscape. You can also cover the agricultural improvements that were instigated after her original election and how those helped to make food grain production a self sufficient option throughout India, and perhaps what ramifications this has on the country and their food supply even today. You could cover the success that she had in the war with Pakistan during her first term and how she influenced the creation of Bangledesh.