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Air Pollution

The term pollution has always been a word and a topic of concern. There are various types in which pollution can be categorized. Among them the most serious and important type of pollution considered is the air pollution. Air pollution is defined as the type of pollution caused by the presence various waste chemicals, particles, gases in the atmosphere that are suspended in the air through various industrial and other miscellaneous sources. One of the main causative agent of air pollution is considered to Ozone- a specific atmospheric gas which causes a specific type of air pollution, also known as smog. Air pollution is said to be the most harmful for everyone among the other types of pollution known.

There are various causative factors commonly known as pollutants or air pollutants which are said to cause this particular type of pollution. Air pollutants can be broadly categorized into a. poisonous air pollutants and b. non-poisonous air pollutants. The poisonous air pollutants mainly includes various gases mostly harmful which are present in the atmosphere in an excess amount thus causing pollution and various diseases which in turn causes even death of human beings and animals. Amongst them, Carbon Monoxide and Ozone are considered the most harmful air pollutants. Carbon Monoxide, a greenhouse gas is found in excess in the atmosphere due to industrial and chemical emissions and ozone is emitted in the air from car emissions and other environmental pollutants. When the amount of these gases becomes excess than the normal permissible amount in the atmosphere, it is known to cause air pollution. Among other poisonous and harmful pollutants, sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen oxide are mention worthy. These harmful pollutants are known to reduce the mortality among human beings and are known to be contributing factors for diseases like lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. Apart from these mentioned pollutants, there are several man made factors which causes air pollution. These includes car emitted pollutants, smoke and other gas emissions from power plants and other industrial factories, ammonia emitted by the humans and animals, indoor pollution caused by various air control machines, warfare pollution or nuclear pollutants are some of the main man made contributing air pollutants.

The world health organization/WHO and the Govts. Of various developed and developing nations has taken several measures and precautions to curb the environmental air pollution and have also incorporated strict policies and guidelines for its citizens to help contributing to this cause of air pollution control.