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History of Fossil Fuels in America

Fossil fuels are named after the fact they are made from raw material in the earth that includes plants and animal remains. Such materials have been used for years all around the world, including the United States. Fossil fuels, such as natural gas, coal and crude oil have made huge contributions to how products and services have been developed in the US over the last several decades. While there have been several uses for fossil fuels, because of their high demand some wonder how much longer with they be available.

Fossil fuels used in America have helped drive the transportation and utilities industries. The most common fuels used include crude oil for gasoline and coal for electricity. Natural gas is used in abundance for heating purposes for residential homes, although a considerable amount of electricity is also used to heat homes. Gasoline for transportation needs is one of the most popular reasons why crude oil is in high demand in America. Petroleum products are also high in production while using mostly natural gas and coal in recent decades.

Over the years the use of fossil fuels in America has been researched and studied by sector. It is said America is one of the top users of coal due to electricity, heating and cooking purposes. Even though such natural materials are available in high quantities, America has been using other materials to help reduce the usage of fossil fuels. Because the population in America has grown considerably over the past few centuries there have been concerns by environmentalists and scientists about America’s reliability on fossil fuels and how long will they be available.

Coal has been used to provide heat since the 1700s. It is known to burn more efficiently than wood charcoal but with the help of technical aspects it was converted into electric energy. Pottery and clay making were other uses for coal centuries ago. During the 1800s steamships and steam-powered railroads used coal to fuel boilers which later turned into one of the most significant staples for transportation. Today, more attention is placed on nuclear power sources and renewable energy to conserve use of fossil fuels. Alternatives to save the environment and cost-effective measures for producing energy and other types of fuel has led to research and development of solutions to help ensure fossil fuels will be around for centuries to come.