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4 Myths About College Essay Writing

College can be a tricky and treacherous time for many students, but it can be an absolute nightmare for pupils with issues in writing. At the college level, many of the expectations jump quite high, and students with writing difficulties may feel threatened. The key to overcoming this fear is dispelling the myths about college writing. There are many assumptions, rumors and whispers about the horrors of college writing, but many of them simply aren't true. Listed below are the four biggest myths regarding college essay writing – and why they are absolutely untrue!

  1. It's about big words. Now, it is true that you'll have to use better vocabulary on a college essay writing assignment than usual; you can't get away with words like 'nice,' 'good,' 'like' and so forth. However, don't think injecting your essay with chunks of high vocabulary is going to get you brownie points. You still have to make the paper accessible and communicate effectively. Stuffing random, if high-end vocabulary into an essay may do just the opposite, so beware; use vocabulary appropriately, not excessively.
  2. It's impossibly difficult. No one is saying college is easy - it isn't, and you have to put the effort in if you want to succeed in the higher learning atmosphere. However, it's not an impossible task to conquer, either. Professors and college educators understand the transition into college life is difficult, and they aren't expecting scholar-level writing. Besides, what they're looking for is your understanding and communication. Plus, college professors are far more available for consultation than high school teachers, and typically incorporate lengthy check-ups during larger writing assignments.
  3. It's repetitive. This is probably the least true myth of all. First of all, college provides some of the most dynamic and diverse writing assignments of any learning institution. Research papers, term papers, articles, presentations, powerpoints, and essays all call college home. Essays themselves have diverse facets, purposes, lengths, styles and formats in college. Don't think you’ll be writing the same boring assignment over and over again. You'll have to brush up on different paper styles and essay-writing formats if you want to succeed in college.
  4. It's time-consuming. This myth, in some cases, actually is true – depending on what you consider 'time-consuming.' However, most college writing assignments won't absorb every spare moment of your life. Students typically have a solid amount of time to complete college essays, and as long as students practice good time management strategies, essays shouldn't interfere with other homework, projects, activities or social events.