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How To Ace Your Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Advertisements

Rhetorical analysis takes a look at how persuasive a text can be. This is an important tool for investigating advertisements. The text of marketing copy will determine whether or not a consumer will buy something. You may be given the assignment of writing a rhetorical analysis essay on advertisements and there is a way that you can do a superior job.

  • Present a Good Introduction. This is the area that is going to have your thesis statement. What it will do is put forth a message for the rest of your text and let the reader know what you’re going to be addressing as you further investigate an advertisement.
  • Provide A Very Clear Picture of the Advertisement in the Body. Once you get past the introduction you will be going into the main part of the essay. This is where you’re going to point out those rhetorical qualities which draws a person towards the product. You will be showing how the text persuades an individual that a product or service is exactly what will fulfill a need. The context or timing of the advertisement is something that will be discussed in the body. What you write has to make sense and supports your initial arguments. You can use any number of rhetorical proofs to show how they contributed to the overall persuasion. Make a strong point of showing the tools used to bring out the argument of the advertisement.
  • Concentrate On a Good Writing Style. It cannot be stiff or difficult to understand. Do not rely on highly technical language because it accomplishes nothing. People who use formal words try to impress others with their expertise and it doesn’t always work. You should keep the person engaged in the content of what you have written.
  • Finish With a Strong Conclusion. The final sentences of any essay is to bring together all of the important points and give the final comments on the overall composition. You can use this to once again reiterate the strengths and weaknesses were existing in the advertisement.

This type of composition is a challenge but it is not something that can overwhelm you. If you’re going to be making a career out of marketing and advertising, you have to be able to dissect the advertisement. This helps you better understand what is going to sell the product. It also alerts you to any possible weaknesses that can happen in the rhetoric.