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10 Tips for Writing Animal Cruelty Essays

Every day pets are neglected by owners who are careless, cruel and irresponsible. Animals aren't fed, provided with water or compassion as they're locked into a yard or kennel. If you have been given the opportunity to write about animal cruelty, there is a lot you can do with the topic and thesis. Use the following tips as you are writing the essay to create a clear, emotional and informative argument.

  • If this is an assignment and you have already been given instructions on what to write about, abide by the structure and state the thesis clearly. Try to be creative with what you have been assigned to as many other students are likely to write about the same thing. Writers will be against animal cruelty which is why you'll want to go with a more creative approach. Try to incorporate a different idea into your thesis.
  • Animal cruelty is a tragedy and it can strike sadness or anger in many who wish to stop the abuse. Instead of talking about it as if it were another subject, incorporate your feelings into the body paragraphs. This is a subject that many people feel emotional toward – by speaking with sensitive wording you can get more people to listen to your argument.
  • Elaborate on how the act can be prevented. Animals are helpless creatures – they cannot defend themselves or escape from someone who is allowing them to suffer. Do your research and find a way to make people aware of how they can help or prevent animal abuse.
  • Don't use examples. This is a topic that plenty of people understand. You do not need to write about animal cruelty scenarios. It would be best for you to be creative with the body paragraph topics instead of stating obvious information. Talk about how the people are committing these crimes and why they should be dealt with lawfully.
  • Be passionate and balance your feelings with statistics and facts. Do enough research so that you can collect evidence that supports your argument.
  • If you are having a hard time coming up with creative information, call the local animal shelter and talk to them about some of the issues they face with animals and owner cruelty. This is a great way to include persuasive information into the essay and also brainstorm new content.
  • Talk about how important it is to spay and neuter pets. There are many people who cannot care for their animals because of breeding issues. The best way to prevent unwanted animals is by spaying and neutering.
  • If there are any laws you feel should be enforced regarding the adoption of animals, conduct research and make it a part of your essay. This can be a strong argument as well.
  • Look over animal cruelty essays online. Instead of using the repeat points and arguments, pick up information that you find interesting and incorporate it into your own work.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of an activist. Part of making a difference in the world is standing up for what you believe is right. Build something that motivates you and others to take a stand against animal cruelty.