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Defining A Descriptive Essay: A Brief Tutorial For High School Students

If you are a high school student, and your teacher will ask you to write a descriptive essay, all you have to do is to imagine a picture in your mind and paint is with words on your paper. You can imagine a place, person, object and everything else that is connected with the given topic. You can even imagine a feeling and use creative and colorful words to describe it. However, there are certain tips that will help you in the whole process of writing a descriptive essay in high school.

Here are some brief tips that you should follow, while you are writing your homework’s in high school:

  • Capture reader’s interest. When you are in high school, you need to focus on keeping the attention of your teachers and your classmates. Knowing your audience, it is easier to write words and descriptions that will keep their attention longer than usual. Use certain facts about the given topic and combine them with emphasis to concern readers and increase their curiosity.
  • Wake up their sense through your words. A high school student should use more personal perceptions in their papers to wake up the five sense in readers. If you use sensory details, you will make your writing more vibrant. Also, use some figurative details that will describe more about the subject or object of the story.
  • Well-structured body paragraphs. Each high school paper on any given topic should have well-structured body paragraphs. In each paragraph, you should give a special focus to topic sentence, keywords, specific supporting details, quotes and transitional phrases. In this way, the reader, in this case, the teacher will have a better view while reading your content.
  • A great outline. This tip maybe seems easy to do, but certainly is not. It is searching for more focus and time. The outline is a facilitator for the better explosion of the topic. When you are writing the outline of your paper, you should make sure that all topics and subtopics are with logic and are clear for the reader. The outline will develop your story and will give a better picture of the reader what you want to say in your sentences.

There are many useful tips to define a descriptive essay. Any high school student can learn to write a good story and impress his teachers. All you need is a good guideline and practice.