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What Is The Thesis Statement In An Argumentative Essay?

When you are about to write an argumentative essay you will need to provide a thesis statement. You cannot write a paper without a statement. There are various formats of argumentative paper but no matter what it is like writing a script for debate. In a debate you will have to pick a side ad it is very much same in case of n argumentative paper. You will have to pick a side and then persuade the reader to accept your views. You will need a statement that will declare the views you are going to support. Here are a few tips that will help you understand what it is all about.

What you need to do with a thesis statement

When you are going to write a paper on an argumentative topic you will have to be most persuasive. You will have to make the reader take a second thought on the topic you are going to describe. To make this you will have to be clear on the side you are going to take. The statement is very much like a solution that you are trying to prove through your work. You will be presenting the statement at the beginning of the paper so that the reader knows which side of the debate you are on. This will help in making your allegianceclear to the reader.

Things you will have to keep in mind when writing the statement:

The statement is like a clear boundary which will separate your paper from the other side of the argument. So you will have to write a statement that is direct. An ambiguous statement will only make the reader more confused. The statement will have to be proved by the end of the paper. When you are working on an argumentative essay you will want the reader to think in the same lines as you are. This is why you will have to make sure that you have proved the statement to be true by the end of the paper.

Do not leave room for a counter argument that may prove your statement to be false. You will have to provide an explanation for all the counter arguments and prove that the statement is true in respect to those arguments.

The statement in an argumentative paper is like the rock around which you will weave the whole paper.