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International Countries Gun Law and Their Crime Rate

The international countries gun law is a control policy document that aims at curbing irresponsive usage of guns globally. Irresponsive usage of firearms has been a contributor to the increased crime rates in various nations such as the US, United Kingdom and Finland. According to statistics from the US criminal department, killing of innocent individuals has increased by over 5% while crime rate has increased by 3%. Likewise, UK, Finland, and Canada have reported high crime rates despite some of the nations having strict policies on gun acquisition. The increase stands at 2%, 2.5% and 2.9% in the nations respectively. Variably, nations in other continents such as Africa, Asia and Middle East are facing similar challenges that are attributable to illegal possession of guns. The rising cases of wrongful usage of firearms have prompted the need for the development of international countries gun law. The law is fronted to streamline the process of gun acquisition and usage in diverse settings. It is meant to ensure that guns are only used at the right time, by the right people, and for the right reasons. Similarly, the law proposes standardized penalties that criminals have to face.

According to Cukier & Sidel the need to regulate gun acquisition and usage internationally is of immense imperativeness given that gun laws and policies vary greatly globally. Some nations like china, United Kingdom have strict gun rules, while other countries such as United States have less stringent regulations. On the other hand, nations such as Canada and Finland have friendly gun policies and regulations. The differences in the policy framework on gun acquisition and usage justify the need for an international law expressly. The differences have contributed greatly to the eminent crisis hence formulation of an amicable solution is paramount. The inconsistent policies have enabled criminals to acquire guns from nations with less stringent measures and smuggle them for usage in other nations. That is incongruent policies have contributed in the high rate of illegal gun possessions that have in turn increased criminal activities, unfair killings, robbery among others. Other groups use the loopholes in the regulating policy on firearms in certain nations to acquire weapons to advance the pursuance of political interest by causing civil animosity.

These illegalities explain key reasons behind the development of the international gun usage law. The law is designed to provide a legal framework, regulation, and policies regarding access and usage of guns including provision of clear measures under which private guns are to be issued. The international law is bound to spell out stiffer penalties of wrongful gun usage. Among the penalties proposed in the law, include eight year’s jail term or 1million fine or both for wrongful gun usage. Indeed, the law is informed by the need to protecting human rights through averting unfair killings and loss of property. It is bound to ensure sanity in the process of gun acquisition and usage with the aim of reducing criminal activities significantly.