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A leader is somebody who guides and directs others with or without regards to them being a potentate, leadership is the process of social, political or cultural influence in which an individual or a group of people can enlist the aid and support of others, subsequently organizing them in the accomplishment of a common venture.

Leadership is pivotal in maintaining the fluidity which results in the flourishing of undertakings, and thus desists anarchy from emerging. It is thus paramount that it is incorporated in the framework of every sphere that has an element of structure to give it stability and steer it in the right direction.

A competent leader possesses Unique traits that places him above the fray, enabling him to facilitate them in their repertoire of rule. These traits could be either innate or have been acquired as a result of experience, or successful meticulous strive to embody them.

Some of these universal traits are; a leader being intrepid and resolute in their stand thus being a beacon of strength and self assurance. A leader should have the capability to imbibe a situation fully and implement the best action to ameliorate it. They should be impartial, intelligent, open to experience and adjustment, hardworking and tenacious, self efficient but without compromise a leader needs to be a connoisseur of matters he’s overseeing making his rule adroit and one that generates positive outcomes.

Of all the traits a leader should have, only one gives him a sober outlook; self-control, which impedes him from having a power trip. Power tripping is like a raging inferno which consumes a leader’s psyche making their decisions and actions impulsive and with dire straits, hence it being a precursor for doom in their reign. History can attest that getting drunk with power is a true recipe for disaster, take the likes of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini for instance who ruled at first with an iron fist masqueraded in velvet gloves, but once their power tripping hit its apex they became seemingly rabid, causing irreparable damage to their nations, the world and eventually their atrocities caught up with them. A leader should therefore be decried in the slightest inchoation of this destructive vice.

Leadership shouldn’t particularly have to be of good. It could also be unorthodox ; controlling the activities of mobsters, gangbangers and mafias by an individual for example is also considered as leadership, all that is critical is that their leadership brings about progress, or any ounce of value that will benefit the entirety of the group.

Certain events trigger the need for leadership or prompts one to be a leader, it could be circumstantial and urgent such as the prime minister being appointed president due to the sitting president’s failing health, or a matter of convenience; such as the chief operating officer of a global company being picked as one who resides in the country where its headquarters are based, as opposed to another who lives in another country far-off. It could also be as a result of all, one or multiple events combined.

Leadership in this modern era, as it was so in eras past should therefore be thoroughly embraced and heralded as being extremely vital.