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Intel Vs. AMD- Which Is The Best Processor?

The process of purchasing a desktop computer is challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the best CPU. In order to perform the best choice, one needs to compare the two processors, Intel and AMD. The comparison between the two is significant in making knowledgeable decisions while picking a processor. Therefore, one should consider factors such as cost, performance, and purpose of the computer.

In terms of performance, Intel processors, though expensive are always the best. This is evident in Intel high-end systems, for example, the current Intel i 5 and i 7 which have higher performance than AMD processors. However, AMD processors are sometimes preferable when it comes to gaming performance and overclocking. This is because AMD allows multiple cores with chosen applications. Intel chips have a default clock speed and do not support overclocking


The cost of the computer can affect the choice of purchasing. Depending on the budget, one can decide whether to buy an Intel or AMD processor. Intel processors are much expensive than AMD chips. Comparing the high-end Intel systems and AMD’s FX-class processors, the Intel processors have higher prices to the point of recording a difference in price of up to 70 dollars.

When choosing a processor, the purpose, for which one is buying a computer, is likely to affect the choice of the processor greatly. The person interested in gaming is will most likely buy the cheap AMD FX-class processor rather than the expensive Intel i7 processors or i5. This is because the gaming experience is either similar for both processors or better in AMD processors. In contrast, if one has a good budget and requires a more efficient system in a variety of ways, then the Intel processor is the best.

In conclusion, looking at the similarities and differences between the two processors, one cannot come to one conclusion that one processor is better than the other one. This is because the choice of the processor will depend on the purpose of the processor, price as well as performance. It is evident that a person, who does not mind the high cost of high-end Intel systems, can purchase them because they are better in many ways than the AMD processors. The purpose of the computer will also determine if the person chooses to purchase an Intel or AMD processor. For instance, if the processor is intended for gaming, one can opt to purchase the AMD processor instead of the expensive Intel processor, which may have the similar gaming experience.