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Sex and Gender

Many people think sex and gender is the same thing or they refer to the same aspect. But, there are experts that argue there is a clear difference between each concept that is often overlooked. The term sex and the term gender are commonly used interchangeably making them seem as if they are both one in the same. But a closer look may help clear up confusion on how each term is different completely. In short, gender refers to feminine and masculine, while sex refers to female or male. So far, there doesn’t seem to be a difference does there?

Sex refers to characteristics of being a female or a male. This concept is pretty much set in stone as it is a part of nature and do not change throughout the world. There are basic components related to sex such as body parts. A female is known to have a vagina and a male is known to have a penis. A woman would not have a penis and a man would not have a vagina. A woman is able to breastfed a baby, but man is not able to get pregnant. Overall, things a man can and cannot do, verse what a woman can and cannot do, determine the fine line between the definitions of sex.

Gender is often related to concepts that involve learning and cultural differences. For instance, women are known to do more cleaning around the house than their male partner, doctors are often males while most nurses are female. There are countries where a woman is not allowed to show her face or she has to cover it up before leaving her home. These are prime examples of how gender is characterized; this includes placing a concept within a category based on their sex (whether they are male or female).

Gender can also be thought of as a “type” or “kind” when trying to differentiate it from sex. Understanding differences between the two can help provide further clarity on how they should be used in context. Because little emphasis is placed on understanding how they are different, many people will use each term at the same time when one may be more sufficient than the other, depending on the situation. This subject matter continues to spark curiosity among researchers to help raise clarity on their meanings.