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Little Snow-White

Fiction works have been the most mundane stories yet giving a very thrilling experience. Many stories have been told to both the young and the old aimed at giving certain important life lessons. The approach has always been different for different classes of people. Children’s stories have always had terrifying experience and thrilling moments. Stories mainly told to children are useful in molding character in them and shunning the bad habits from them. Little Snow-White is a typical story concerning an evil and jealous queen who endeavored to kill a beautiful maiden by way of poisoning her with an apple. Snow While went into deep sleep and could only be awakened through a kiss by the prince. However, life would become difficult after the queen learns about her beauty.

Well, the second wife to King Othon is the fairest in the land. She has a magic mirror that tells her about her beauty till the day the beauty of her daughter-in-law becomes more pronounced than hers. The queen cannot take it all and her jealous is evident as she decides that Snow White should die. The queen makes an order for a mercenary to take her life and present proof of killing the young girl. The man is concerned about the beauty of the girl and helps her escape successfully into the forest. Snow white gets protection at the seven dwarfs’ house.

The mirror would then help the Queen to know the location of Snow White and therefore, she masks as a peddler using a basket of laces, finally gets the girl and strangles her. In the most fortunate incident, the dwarfs come back in time to help her. On the other hand, the queen comes again with a basketful of apples that are poisoned. This time round, the dwarfs are powerless and the put Snow White inside a crystal coffin that they end up leaving on a rock in a mountain. As time goes by, a prince in the company of his escorts appears and he removes the apple bit from the mouth of Snow White and helps to bring her back to life. In the end he takes her back to the palace. Little-white snow has been useful in creating important life themes that are both interesting and informative. It is one of the famous stories that have found relevance both in the past and recent times highlighting issues of morality affecting our societies.