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Future City Essay Topics: 20 Excellent Suggestions

Essays that allow you to use your imagination are very easy to create if you pay attention, but they are also composed in wrong way by students who treat them superficially. It is true that you can write about anything you want, but you must not forget that the content needs to be informative, engaging and edited. You need to spend a few days to create a complete essay; the last day will be dedicated for proofreading. Check out these suggestions to create a topic for future city competition:

  1. Black holes. Not many students explore this topic because the information available is either not enough or too complicated. However, if you do analyze it, it will be very interesting and engaging.
  2. Hybrid cars. There are many vehicles that do not use gasoline as fuel, but electricity or solar power.
  3. Causes and effects of air pollution. You can present official statistics and a vision of the future.
  4. 4-d Printers. This kind of printers is a new invention that became very popular in a very short time.
  5. Effect of global warming. Make sure all the data that you provide here is entirely accurate.
  6. Video Games. Are they dangerous for children? Can a child be influenced by violence that is present in games?
  7. Spaceships. Even if all people know them, not everyone knows how they work. Provide a detailed explanation.
  8. How airplanes fly. The advantage of this topic is that you can create fun experiments that will bring you extra marks.
  9. The golden ratio. It will be very interesting, especially if you are passionate about mathematics.
  10. Famous bridges. There are constructions that took years to be completed because they are so complex. Mention some of them.
  11. Robots. Every year engineers design new prototypes of robots that could help people in their daily activities.
  12. DNA testing. Explain how is it possible to find out the identity of somebody using only a drop of saliva.
  13. The evolution of computers. Thirty years ago nobody could imagine that the computers will be so small and so accessible.
  14. Genetic modified food. How does this process affect us? Could it be the solution for world hunger?
  15. Identification chips. Many countries are obligating people to implant a chip under the skin of their pets.
  16. Technology in medicine. There are many spectacular surgeries that require advanced technology.
  17. Online advertising. More and more companies prefer to advertize their products online because they can gain popularity much faster.
  18. Shopping on the internet. Is it really secure to provide our credit card information to any website?
  19. Solar panels. In the future, we might need to depend completely on solar energy. Is this a realistic view?
  20. Using technology for education. Some schools are allowing students to use tablets and laptops in the classroom to facilitate the learning process.