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Where to find good topics for argument essays

Argument essays help students learn how to explain and prove their point of view. You provide information on both sides of an argument in an objective matter. You provide details that would justify your argument or main idea. In order to successfully do this you need a good topic. This means you will want to get ideas from sources that can help you write your paper with solid data. Here are a few ideas to help you find a suitable topic for an argument essay.

  1. Newspaper Publications
  2. Newspaper publications provide good viewpoints on different topics that are controversial and trending. You can read views from others that have a unique place in the topic. You will get an idea on what some of the most important topics are based on how often they feature it. Pay attention to those with quotes and interviews. You may find something that stands out and can be used to help you develop a new topic.

  3. News Media via Internet
  4. There are so many stories trending on the internet it can make your head spin. You can read topics on just about any subject and get hit with all sorts of ideas. You can narrow down your options by choosing reputable sites with updated information. You can consider local media outlets first and move toward national. Pay attention to news stories with video content as there could be potential topic ideas hidden here as well.

  5. School Library/Librarian
  6. The library will have a large selection of publications. You will be here to do research for your topic, but there are different forms of resources here that can help you find a topic. You can use the computer, newspaper or just glance at book titles. There are books available to help you develop a topic. Use them as a guide to find an acceptable argument topic based on your academic needs.

  7. Research Paper Databases
  8. Research papers databases and places online where you can view sample essays can offer a few ideas. It is a matter of understanding your interests and how to take what you find and make it into your own. There are thousands of samples online and just by reading their titles you can get inspired to write your own argument essay. Sample argument essays are even better to use since they offer insight on the type of content good for this particular essay.