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Academic Essay Example - 3 Things I would change about our World

The first thing comes into my mind that needs to be changed in our world is ‘hate’. It’s really difficult to understand why people dislike each other on the basis of the skin’s color, nationalities and religions. It is always better to facilitate each other in solving our problems and day by day efforts for living to make this world like a paradise and this could only be possible if we remove hatred from our hearts. There are always good and bad persons in all of us but it should not be presumed and discriminated on the basis of culture and countries. I believe that if people learn to live with love the world would be the best place to live.

The second thing that I would like to eliminate from our world is ‘poverty’. The countries are wasting money on the useless wars; however, I believe that the money should be utilized to serve the poor and starved people who are struggling hard to find the food and necessities of life. And educating the people is one the key solutions to reduce the poverty from the world while setting up a food distribution system equally to all parts of the world.

It has been known to the world that the environmental damage has been reached to its peak; therefore, it is the obligation of the decision makers to take informed decisions to reduce the environmental damage. The ‘environmental damage’ is the third thing that needs to be changed in our world. I believe that with the usage of advanced technologies and modern concepts of the management, the economy can be continued to grow without impacting the environment, if and only if, the matter would be highlighted in the world-wide discussions. And all the countries either developed or developing would have to contribute at their level to solve the world’s burning issue.