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Essay Tutorial: Writing a Good Draft

Essay writing is a document that is written by using critical and logical thinking. Essay writing is very useful technique. If one learns to write a good essay then it will be beneficial for him/her all through the life. At every stage of life, you have to write an essay or at least essay like document which follows the same format.

Essay writing is a skillful writing process. One has to be master few skills in order to write an effective essay. One has to do a critical thinking. Critical and logical argumentation building can be learning with practice and experience. College going students generally get worried about their essay writing skills. They find it a difficult task to accomplish when they are asked to draft a good essay in their examinations. At times students also have to write essays in competitive exams. Writing a good tutorial for an essay is not very much difficult. All you have to do is to follow a format. If you learn the steps of outline for an effective essay then you can write an impressive essay on any topic by sitting anywhere.

Following is the list of few important points that you must follow in drafting an outline for an essay. This list will help you drafting your essay in an effective manner:

  • Selection of topic:
  • First of all the selection of essay topic should be intelligent. You must choose a topic intelligently. Topic selection is a tricky step and if you go through it successfully than half of your essay is done.

  • Prior Knowledge:
  • Use your previous knowledge about the topic of your essay. You can make it cruder by taking help from other sources.

  • Three main Steps:
  • It includes the three main steps that comprise you whole essay:

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion
  • This is the general type of outline for an essay. In every type of essay you have to follow this outline. No essay can be written by skipping any one of the above mentioned points. The important thing is that what should be included in the main body of the essay.

    There are few questions that you must address while writing an essay. The questions like:

  • How long should your essay be?
  • What is to be included in the body paragraphs?
  • What kind of tone should be maintained in an essay?
  • How the concluding paragraphs should be written?