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Help me do my homework - a weird student request?

Many students don't like doing homework or simply don't have time. Asking for help with homework, though, can be an odd request for some students to make, especially if that student has never needed help before. Furthermore, it can be embarrassing for some college level students to ask for help because they feel like college is a way to prove themselves academically and they want to succeed without assistance. If you are a student at any level, though, and you find yourself needing help with your homework, there are options for you and he request isn't as weird as you may think.

Hire a tutor.

Many people will put ads in local newspapers, online, or even in the schools on fliers offering their services as a tutor. If you are simply needing help to understand your homework assignments, you may want t check into a tutor that can assist you. The cost varies by subject and what the tutor wants to charge.

Ask for help from the school.

Many schools offer a period where students can do their homework or get homework help. Check if your school offers this, or see if they have after school programs to assist you with your homework. You could even ask the teacher or professor that assigned the homework if they can offer any additional help.

There's an app!

There are applications for computers, phones, and other hand-held electronic devices that can help with just about anything, and that includes homework help. Check on your computer or smart phone to see if there is an application for helping you with your homework. There are some apps that even show you how to do it.

Check online.

There are also online groups that can assist you in doing your homework, or you can set one up on social media sites for free to get people in your school involved with helping each other with assignments. This can as easy as requesting the names of reputable tutors, or even asking to swap out homework assignments with other students.

Hire someone to do the work for you.

As crazy as it may seem, you can even hire someone to do the work for you. There are many companies online that will do any homework you need for a fee. You just tell them what you want and when you need it, and they will quote you a price that you pay online.

When it comes to getting help with homework, you have many options available to you, it just depends on what you are most comfortable with and the degree of assistance you need.