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Writing An Interesting 3-Paragraph Essay On Basketball

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of writing this three paragraph essay, it is important to first of all understand what it is all about and why you need to know how to work on it. The core concept of this kind of a paper is for the teachers to help the students learn how a good paper needs to be structured. This is therefore learning material, which means that you will hardly ever see this kind of writing in professional writing circles.

The idea here is to enable the students to learn how to visualize the main parts that make up a good paper. Once they have understood this, they can then proceed to working on longer papers like a 5 paragraph essay. From there they can move on to master other types of work and then become free to write according to whichever description that is required.

For a basketball paper for example, the instructions are still the same. You will need to pay attention to the following tips and from there on you should have everything working out just fine for you:

  • Visualize the structure of your paper
  • Choose a topic for the paper and the thesis statement
  • Outline your work
  • Write
  • Edit and proofread

Visualize the structure of your paper

Visualization is important in the sense that through this you are supposed to be able to think about the three parts of the paper. With this in mind, your paper must have only three parts; the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Everything else that you are working on must slot into these categories.

Choose a topic for the paper and the thesis statement

Look at the topic and then determine what the thesis statement is going to be. If perhaps your title is on basketball, your thesis statement should be on the idea you want to write about basketball.

Outline your work

Have an outline for the entire paper. This is more of a drafting session, wherein you take down short notes that will guide you as you write the paper.


Following the outline that you have already planned out, you can then proceed to writing the paper from the first section to the last.

Edit and proofread

After you have written your paper, make sure you spare some minutes to go through it and make any corrections to ensure that it comes out just fine.