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Where to get inspiration for college essay writing

Writing college essays is one of the most nerve-racking parts of a student’s life. There is not only pressure to write a piece that will stand out, but admission in the college depends on how well the student did on his or her essay.

So what if someone doesn’t HAVE a particularly interesting life event or story to write about? What if someone’s life is just plain boring?

Well, honestly speaking, EVERY person has a story to tell. All they need is confidence to do so and of course…INSPIRATION.

Here are some sources of inspiration that should make students revved up for writing. It is important to remember, that everyone has different sources of inspiration, and what may work for one, might not work for another.

  • It is important to feel happy when writing. Students should look for those things in their lives, which they feel strongly about. The greatest source of inspiration for a college essay is introspecting oneself and picking out the best pieces.
  • Observe, observe and observe!
  • Noticing things from a different angle will really help in getting the creative juices running. Students should be open to the people around them; watch them, follow their conversations and introspect. This will help them in identifying their own personal feelings and thoughts. They might also get inspired by the person or object they are observing.

  • Strolling in a park, or simply sitting alone in natural surroundings, creates an open space for the person to think and brainstorm. It makes one relaxed, which is necessary for writing great essays. Alone time equals productive time!
  • Reading is a sure way to get nuggets of inspiration. The more a person reads, the more he or she will get great ideas for the essay.
  • For some students, reading through samples of college essays, works wonders. But it is better if they read something that they LOVE, like their favorite magazine, fiction novel, comic book etc. Reading inspirational quotes will also help!

  • Free- writing means to write continuously on a certain topic, WITHOUT worrying about the grammar or spellings. This will also make anyone come up with awesome ideas for the college essay, as it will create a flow of ideas.

At the end of the day, what one should keep in mind is that the writers are the stars; it’s their story, their life and their experiences. Opening up to oneself and writing honestly is the key to a wonderful and moving essay. That is what a college essay is all about.