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Research paper writing help: materials and methods section

Every type of research paper has different requirements. When you write about any scientific topics, you will need to include a materials and methods section. This section is one of the easier sections to craft because it does not involve a large amount of analysis, just reporting.

Specific Formula for Organizing a Scientific Research Paper

When you write a paper that involves some type of scientific research, you should organize your writing in a specific way. You begin with an abstract about what you did in a shortened form. The abstract will give the reader a preview of what you did and what you accomplished. The next section shares the problem in the form of an introduction. After the introduction, you share the way you solved the problem. This is where you include the materials and methods.

Facts Presented Clearly

In the Materials and Methods section, you share the way you studied the topic of your research paper. You will want to show the read what you studied, how you studied it, and the data you collected and analyzed. You will need to share the protocol you followed to keep the research scientific including how you chose your sample and whether the research can be replicated.

Use a Matter-of-Fact Tone

When you write this section of paper, you will write as if you are speaking to the reader. It is acceptable to write in an active or passive voice, but you should always write about what you did in the past tense. This section is not a set of instructions, but a relaying of what you did to get the results you saw.

Readers Could Replicate Your Study

You should share as much detail as possible regarding the organism you studied and the site where you studied it. You should share the way the study was designed and how the design affected the outcome. The goal for this section of the paper is to write so clearly that another researcher could replicate the study you did without having to contact you personally for explanations.

Use Precise Words

In order to keep the section from being wordy, be sure to review what you wrote and remove anything that is repetitive. You should not use many adjectives or adverbs, because you are not writing a creative story. Be specific about the organism, tools, software, and anything else you used to conduct your experiment.