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Synthesis Essays Can Be Really Interesting

A synthesis essay is a research that explores in depth a concept or theory regarding a certain practice that presents information to a certain target audience. Essentially synthesis essays arrange information in a way that is easy to read, and provides detailed information for someone who is curious about a particular subject. For this reason you can write synthesis essays on all sorts of topics. Unlike other essays, the synthesis essay is made up of "quotations" and re-stated points from other articles or journal documents. Essentially you are reporting on information that someone else has already covered, summarizing it, and offering new insights.

Characteristics Of A Synthesis Essay

  1. Your synthesis should report information using different phrasing or sentences from other documents or reports.
  2. Your synthesis should be organized so that readers can find where your information and the information from the resources are related.
  3. Your synthesis should make sense of the sources, and help the reader understand the content be reported a bit better.

Why You Would Write A Synthesis Essay

To make it a little bit easier to understand a synthesis requires a combination of reporting and discussion. Instructors in academic institutions will assign syntheses to students as research projects to help them learn about composing their own thesis. A synthesis is basically a summary of someone else’s work, but includes your own comments on the thesis and elaborates the concepts being discussed.

Composing a synthesis essay is a good exercise and can be a really interesting way for students to explore new ideas. It helps to make the thesis writing process easier because you see how other people and experts have approached a topic and are invited to comment on their "statements" while coming up with your own original insights. It has become increasingly common for students to be asked to write synthesis's on given topics because the Internet has become a useful resource for finding information and reports that have been written by other people. Instructors challenge student’s critical thinking skills by assigning new synthesis papers.

In order to become an expert on any given topic, students must learn how to evaluate other people’s findings; this is where the "synthesis" becomes particularly helpful. Learning how to summarize and analyze critically the works of others is a critical part of the academic process, and will eventually improve your own writing skills.