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How To Use A Sample Problem-Solution Essay With An Outline Effectively

A sample gives the writer a clue of the general format for the problem-solution essay. Generally, it is an essay that outlines the problem first and then provides the answer. Getting an example problem-essay is one thing, and learning how to use it is another thing altogether. The sample can help you write an essay quickly whilst avoiding formatting errors. A good sample can also let you see how the ideas are relayed for the readers’ benefit - for instance, how to expose the problem and the solution to help the reader understand them more deeply. Here's how to use the sample essay:

  1. Check out how the writer organizes the problem and solution: The work should show you how different problems and their subsequent solutions are organized neatly in sections. In fact, you will need to label the first problem as Section 1. After this label, write 3 or 4 paragraphs detailing the problem. The most obvious thing to do is defining the problem and then providing details by focusing on other aspects of the problem - examples is telling of those affected by it, how it affects them and the outcomes. You need to mention how serious the problem is and its origin.
  2. Check out how the writer uses transition sentences to introduce the solution: A good sample paper will outline a statement that welcomes the solution, after the problem has been well exposed. This sentence should help the reader be prepared to receive the solution. The transition must connect the problem to the solution logically and cohesively. They can relate to exposing inefficiencies with the existing solution before the most recent one is proposed. They can also seek to compare existing situations with ideal situations in light of the problem at hand. Remember, the ideal situation is assumed possible with your incoming proposed solution. Or the more, they seek to start building up the solution.
  3. Check how the writer organizes the solution: Label Section 2 as the solution to the problem in Section 1. Write out the solution in a single sentence as the overview. Expose the suitability of the solution in view of the problem exposed or tell the reader how good the solution is. A good sample problem-solution will also state any negatives about this solution. If the problem has many solutions, all of them will fall under Section 2, but introduced via a topic sentence in different subsections.
  4. Check out the way the conclusion is written: A good example problem-solution essay summarizes the problem and the solutions offered. It will also go ahead to relate the issues to the real world of today or future. Check if there is a call to action or final thought as the last statement. An example of a call to action is requesting people or target group to adopt the solution to earn the said benefits.