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Advertising Today

The use of mobile phones is everywhere and it is growing. If information shows you that Tuesday is a slow day, you can create a mobile coupon that is location based, and send it out for Tuesday-only-specials. You can create messages such as:

“Kids eat free with one adult entrée--TODAY ONLY”


“Buy one drink, get a second one free--TODAY ONLY”

Restaurants can send monthly specials, weekly specials, or daily specials through text messages, online coupons on your social network profiles or websites, or email messages. Mobile messages can help you drive repeat customers by announcing unique contests, dinner specials, or new menu items.

One of the best aspects of mobile coupons is location-based items. If, for example, your restaurant has wireless internet, you can send a coupon to every user who is logged on to your network. These coupons can be location-based, for that particular restaurant only, if you have a franchise. They can also be time sensitive, such as “for the next hour” or “between 5pm and 6pm only”.

This is particularly useful if your restaurant is part of a mall or other large shopping center because it enables you to catch potential customers who may not be there to dine at your restaurant, but are shopping in the area and using your wireless internet. They log on, get a location and/or time sensitive coupon, and decide to use it. You can send a spontaneous coupon with a survey; if customers fill out the survey they can come to the restaurant and receive a free drink or free appetizer. You can use this technique sporadically, whenever you see the restaurant is slow, or when you are running a promotion.

Shoppers enjoy receiving mobile coupons while they are in or near the restaurants. In fact, 63% claim that they would be more likely to dine at the restaurant if they get a coupon while shopping or nearby.

And with mobile coupons, there are many online tools that help you deliver and increase customer retention. There is an app called “LocalSocial” which awards your potential customers with coupons or a customer loyalty award when they dine at your restaurant. This app determines the location of people near your displays or your restaurant and then sends them a special greeting. This can increase customer turnover from customers who are already showing signs of interest.

Another tool is Point Inside. This tool sends your potential customers coupons to their phone in real-time based on their location. For example: if a customer is right by one of your new restaurants this app can send them a personalized 2-for-1 appetizer coupon redeemable instantly.