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Political discourse on government

In today’s world government is not a very talked about subject for people. They do not question or ponder upon what the government plans and does but have simply accepted the fact that government controls them. Back in 1930’s, things were different and people were free to debate and question the government plans and actions. However, things are not the same anymore. People who think about the government and their activities, are considered over obsessed and not doing the right thing.

Regardless of the fact, that people often have the right stance to support and strong evidence to hold on to, they still do not maintain their stance. They have learned to stay silent and hide their true feelings instead. Even though we have freedom of speech, yet no one feels free enough to state what he actually thinks. Politicians and governors seem to be arguing against the opposite parties rather than supporting what they actually believe in. After Mr. Abraham Lincoln, there has been not a leader, who was courageous enough to appreciate what others had to say and respect the opposition’s opinion. Instead of pin pointing others or using unethical ways to prove the other person wrong, people in general, should try to promote positivity and stand by what they believe to be true. Rather than trying to prove the other party wrong, we should focus on how our point of view is valid. We should try to think logically and explain that logic to others as well, so that they can better understand and appreciate our opinion. The general optimistic behavior, in the public and politicians is not going to lead to any productivity and will only worsen the situation.

If we really want to change things and support the ruling party we must start thinking and even take it a step forward and express what is in our minds. The ruling party will always try to prove the opposition wrong, and the opposition, will always try to do the same for the ruling party. These things will not lead to a positive end. Debate, should be productive and must move towards a conclusion rather than just being a blame game. We should stop being monitored and controlled by the government and its institutions and should focus on using our minds to think, our tongues to talk and our hands to act. If we want to bring about a revolution, it must start from within.