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Differences Between Essay Types

The differences between essay types will determine your writing style and how you will approach the essay. It is also important to distinguish these differences so that you will best be able to write an essay in the way that will most benefit your topic and overall outcome. If you write an essay in the wrong form, it is not disastrous, but it is also not preferable to creating the best essay that is possible. Take into consideration these following differences and determine which will best fit your essay type.

Analytical Essay

An analytical essay is in a league of its own. The overall point of an analytical essay is to provide in depth research and great insight to a specific topic. If this is true for your desired end result of an essay, this will better help you plan your presentation of your essay.

Amongst the type of presentation of an analytical essay, there are two different forms to consider within this essay type. MLA and APA styles are two different ways of citing within your essay. MLA is a type of style that is used in order to convey information regarding social or liberal studies. If you are writing an essay that researches a group of people or history, you would cite with MLA style. Conversely, APA style is used for scientific journals and other topics that revolve around scientific subject matter. It is important to make this distinction in order to follow the appropriate way to cite your essay. Make sure your citations are consistent in line with the style of the paper. MLA and APA styles have extremely different rules, so do your research beforehand to know each detail to include when citing either with MLA or APA.

Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is another type of essay that you may consider using for you essay. The objective of the persuasive essay is to inform the reader, as well as providing information about the subject to convince the reader of another viewpoint. With a persuasive essay, while research is important, it is not necessarily a research paper. This is because the material at hand is subject to more flexibility and slant of a certain topic. This is not to say that you are given permission to be misleading, however, a good persuasive essay is presented as a solid and respectable advantage point of a certain subject.