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4 Tricks That Can Help You Find Interesting Essay Topics

You’ll have to write quite a few essays over the course of your high school and college education. The first step in any writing assignment is coming up with a suitable topic. In some cases, the topic will be provided for you, or you’ll be asked to choose from a list. However, you’ll often have quite a bit of freedom of topic choice, as long as it’s relevant to the class you’re taking. Coming up with a good essay topic can be challenging, especially if the class isn’t in your strongest subject areas. However, there are several useful tricks that you can use to come up with a good topic. Here are some tips:

  • Decide what broad area you’re interested in. Many essays give you quite a bit to work with. It might need to be about one of several works of literature, or about things you’ve covered in a history or social science class. One useful first step in choosing a topic is to identify which broad topic areas you’re the most interested in. Even if the class isn’t all that interesting to you overall, some things are bound to capture your attention more easily than others. For example, if you’re in a history class, you might want to figure out whether you like military history, political history, cultural history, or another broad area of the academic discipline.

  • Look at a book or textbook about the subject you’re supposed to write about. Doing some reading about a subject is a great way to brainstorm for good essay topic ideas. You may want to revisit a few sections of your textbook to look for ideas. You could also consider finding a book at the library, or doing some reading online from resources like Wikipedia.

  • Look at the latest news or research in the subject. Looking at the latest research findings in a particular subject area can also be a great source of potential topic ideas. There’s plenty of academic research going on in a wide variety of disciplines, from chemistry and biology to art history and music theory. Taking a look at what the professionals are researching and writing about can help you find ideas for your own essay.

  • Look for lists of essay topic ideas online. Many websites offer lists of numerous topic ideas for a variety of academic subjects. You may want to look for these, and see if there’s anything that catches your interest.