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Nutrition And The Elderly

Essay is about the dietary intake should be considered by the elderly people to get a healthy life.

Diet, is one of the most important things for every age group but denying this fact we always ignore its importance. Specially, when we get old we need more nutritive and healthier food as compare to other age groups but we divert towards the food with low nutritive value. Though, it is also a fact that the elder people have many problems. They do not have any jobs to earn money so that they can get good quality food. They are mostly dependent to other family members so, they cannot get the food they like to eat. If they are not dependent and living alone they cannot even prepare their food well due to their illness and weakness. Mostly, they loss their appetite due to taking drugs for different diseases.

These problems can be resolved in many ways but the people of this age group should take healthy and good food. If we go through the food pyramid then there are five food groups. We should also consider this thing that elder age is the age which requires all the food groups but with conditional ways. Water is the only thing which is required by all the age groups and with the same amount. Cereals should be taken in proper amount as these can play very important role in getting healthier body. Brown rice, whole grains and brown bread can be taken so the requirement of the carbohydrates should be fulfilled. Vitamins are really necessary and mostly people in this age go for the supplements but if you take more bright colored vegetables and more deep colored fruits then you will not need any supplements. The servings of fruits and vegetables should be taken on daily basis. The deficiency of proteins, iron, calcium and other nutrients can be removed by taking low and non-fat dairy products. Like, you can have low fat milk, fish, egg whites, dry beans, poultry and nuts etc. Sugar should be taken in small amount and if you are diabetic then ignore it according to the advice of your doctor. Use trans fats and saturated fats like soy oil, olive oil and corn oil etc. An older person should take meal three times a day but small meals and snacks can be taken in the form of vegetables and fruits.

It is a general rule of nutrition that if you present the food in an attractive way then a person will enjoy his meal. So, elderly people if living alone then they can even enjoy their food with music or while watching their favorite show on television. If they are living with the family then home maker can add some simple things to the meal. Meal should be more soft and chewable and include some attractive salad and fruit presentation with the mea l. Also, simple seasonings which are not harmful for health can be added so the taste of the food can be enhanced. If any elder person thinks that he or she does not have much money to get very attractive food then there are countless recipes available which are easy and cheap to make.