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How to Write an Analytic Paper in a Short Time

It can happen to anyone. Your professor assigns you an analytic paper, and you have every intention of getting a head start, but life gets in the way. You become ill, have to work extra hours, your car breaks down, the list of distractions can go on and on. Next thing you know, the deadline is approaching and you haven't even started your analytic paper!

If you find yourself in this situation, take a deep breath. By keeping your mind clear, you'll maximize your ability to confront the situation. Analytic papers offer a balanced and neutral analysis of a situation or topic. Instead of trying to argue a specific point, like an argumentative essay, an analytic paper seeks to outline an issue in a relatively neutral fashion.

Getting Started When You're On a Tight Schedule

If you need to write an analytic paper, you need to know your topic. Given that time is short, you need to start researching right away. You can start by searching Wikipedia and other more general sites, but usually you can't cite these in your paper itself. Still, when time is tight they can provide a valuable overview and also point you in the direction of citation worthy sources.

You can also read through magazines, like Scientific American and Popular Mechanics. These sources can generally be used in your paper, but you will also need to cite things from academic journals. Make sure you check with your professor if you have any questions about citations.

Pounding Out Pages Quickly

Since you're running short on time, you're going to have to be quick about writing, and that means being organized in your research. As you conduct research, build up a list of bullet points that includes important pieces of data and information. Keep this list organized and as you conduct research, the bullet points should grow longer and longer.

Once you have built up a good list of bullet points, step back and see if you can see any general themes. Perhaps you are doing research on solar energy and notice that scientists seem to be on the verge of major break through. You can note that and make “The Coming Solar Power Revolution” a main point of your paper.

You should also offer evidence to the contrary of your main points to make your paper more balanced. Considering the above example, you could take notes of setbacks, potential technological limitations, and other things that will prevent a full scale “solar revolution.” This will add balance, which is essential for analytical paper.