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Technology in Business

Technological revolution and expansion of businesses are two directions of human activities, which are closely interrelated, even intertwined. Today it is impossible to imagine one without the other. Flourishing of any business is not possible without technological advance, while technology has found its best realization in various businesses. Speed of manufacturing goods, delivery of services, efficacy of customer support serves are all possible due to professional work in the technological area of an organization, a plant, a farm, etc. Elliott theoretically outlines three stages of human development in their relation to technology: “agricultural and artisan age, industrial and merchanized age, information and (knowledge) age” (4-5). The last age refers to our time of expansion of digital technology, computerization, mobile devices, etc.

Furthermore, globalization and informational revolution started thanks to emergence of computers in the twentieth century as well as spread of the Internet. According to Elliott, the major goal of most if not all businesses is to “generate a profit” (9). Therefore, the business people understood they have to go hand in hand with technological advancements to profit from those changes and developments. Automatization and computerization has made human work easier and faster. The technological changes which take place in modern businesses effect organizations, people as well as quality of technology itself.

In addition, it should be noted that Internet and modern cell phone devices have become very popular in business sphere. Managers easily organize files with different date on their personal computers that has made paper work minimum and arrangement of documents accurate. Besides, technological innovations like development of different computer programs allows keeping track of any failures the same as any effective steps made in particular business making it even more effective and successful. Companies are willing to try out new technologies and practices, because cots of failures are too high to pay for business people. Obviously, all experimentations done in technological area are directed onto making processes faster and easier, while modern businesses – even more highly competitive in terms of using up-to-date technology. Corporations and gigantic businesses buy out last innovations in digital technology to be the first in the global market, thus eliminating their competitors.

To conclude, it is obvious that technology is indispensable part of businesses today. Technological advances and innovations has made workers’ job easier, faster and more effective. Any serious businessperson will take into account any new technological advancements while running or starting a new business in any economic sphere.