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How do you write an essay in two hours?

It might seem like writing an essay in two hours is impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. If it’s an essay you’ve already done your research for (or you have easy access to the available sources) you can frequently write it much faster than you thought you could. Here’s how.

  • Fifteen minutes: Thesis Statement and Preparation
  • For the first fifteen minutes, you need to consider the topic, come up with a thesis and make sure you can support it. Scan your source materials to find a few supporting points to work with and make a note of these. Finally craft a thesis statement that gives you direction.

  • Fifteen minutes: Create an outline.
  • You might think it’s faster to go straight to writing, but that’s not usually the case. A great outline will streamline the writing process enormously, and it’ll help prevent writer’s block. The usual obstacle to completing an essay in two hours isn’t how long it takes to write, it’s the risk of staring at the screen and not writing anything. Making a detailed outline keeps that from happening. Your outline should include a rough sketch of the introduction and the conclusion, as well as a paragraph for each idea that supports your thesis. Make brief notes about the sources/ideas you will use to expand on the supporting points.

  • 30 minutes: Write your body paragraphs
  • Now that you have a detailed outline, you need to write your body paragraphs. You’ll need to write them first, because you need long, well structured introduction and conclusion paragraphs to finish under the two hour limit. Writing your body paragraphs first gives you plenty of information to use in the introduction and conclusion. Simply use your outline as a plan, and write the supporting idea as the first sentence for each body paragraph. Then, expand on it with your planned sources and other concepts.

  • 30 minutes: Write your intro and conclusion paragraphs
  • Now, write your intro and conclusion. Since you’re in a hurry, you may need to pad these with a bit more detail on the ideas in the essay that they summarize in order to meet your target essay length.

  • 30 minutes: Format and proofread
  • Now, make sure your essay meets the format requirements for your assignment. Create a works cited page if necessary. Finally proofread your essay and correct any mistakes.