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Narrative Writing: Top 10 Topics

Are you a teacher in need of some narrative essay topics to assign to your class? Maybe you’re a student looking for topics to fulfill a requirement for graduation? Better yet, maybe you’re a creative writing enthusiast who seems to have lost your mojo? Whatever the need may be, here are our Top 10 Topics for Narrative Writing.

10. If I Could Go Back In Time

Remember the movie, ‘Back To The Future,’ well here’s your chance to live out that lifelong fantasy you’ve had ever since you were a child. Everyone has a favorite time period that they wish they had been able to experience, write about yours and make the reader believe you were meant for that time.

9. If I Could Be Somebody Else For A Day

If you’ve ever thought about what goes through your father’s mind or wanted to the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler for a day, here’s your chance. Tell us what you’d do and what you learned from your experience.

8. If I Had A Million Dollars

A million dollars can go fast if you’re not careful so use this essay to plan for the future when you do have a million dollars in your bank account.

7. A Television Show I Would Make Up

You’ve watched TV and thought to yourself, ‘I could write something better than that.’ Show those writers up by writing your best television show for whatever network you see fit.

6. One Thing I Couldn’t Live Without

Most people describe 3 things they can’t live without but to make it even tougher, describe the one thing you wouldn’t be able to live without in your lifetime.

5. What Does 2065 Look Like?

We all want to know and currently we can only imagine. Tell us what the future looks like.

4. If A Zombie Apocalypse Really Happened

Would things be like, ‘The Walking Dead?’

3. If My Favorite Pet Could Talk

You’ve been speaking on behalf of your dog for years, carrying on full conversations with yourself. Now it’s Sammy’s turn to speak for himself.

2. If I Could Tell My Boss Anything

We all have that one thing we wish we could tell our boss without getting fired. Create the perfect scene to share your desire message.

1. What My Parents Taught Me

Tell us the singular or if it applies, multiple lessons you learned from your parents.