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Unemployment Essays: Dealing with Statistics

There are going to be times in the experience of all writers when they are going to be faced with a topic like unemployment. This topic by itself is not going to be a huge problem, as it should be approached like any other essay organizationally, however there are going to be a lot of statistics that are going to have to be shared with your readers to support your thesis statements. Displaying a large quantity of unemployment statistics by themselves is not going to convince anyone to give your thought credence. It is not going to provide a very interesting read either. There are a few simple things that you can do to make sure that the unemployment essay you write is accurate and informative.

Statistics are Supplemental

Any time you are writing to prove a point, it becomes almost imperative to include all of the statistics that you can to show that you are correct. However too many of these will drown the reader in a whitewash of information and not let their minds wrap around the truth that you are trying to present. Statistics need to be more supplemental. Much like salt and pepper during a meal, they are a garnish not the main dish and need to be used as such. Too many writers rely on statistics in order to do their arguing for them, but they need to start relying on their own intellect to save them. When it comes to unemployment, there are so many different perspectives that a writer can take and opinions that sometimes the statistics are the only thing that can show the truth.

Separate Them

One of the best ways to deal with statistics in unemployment is to keep them totally separate from your carefully crafted unemployment essay. A writer is bound to have strong opinions about this topic and forming a strong thesis is easy. Then you can construct a strong focus of information that maintains your writing purpose throughout it. If you have a solution to solving the causes of unemployment then that should remain the focus of your writing. Using statistics to support your thoughts can be done as a supplement or in a chart that is separated out from your text. This will allow your thoughts to sink into the mind of the reader and allow for them to sympathize and be convinced of your arguments. Then the statistics can be something that works to finalize those beliefs.