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Intriguing Psychology Research Paper Topics

If you are currently taking a college or university course in psychology this semester is very likely that you will have research paper right around the corner. You may be lucky enough to have an instructor, who lets you, choose your own paper theme, but that just means more work for you. Coming up with a great topic for your psychology paper isn’t exactly easy and with the list of options is over a mile long it making it difficult to narrow it down to just one.

In order to make the topic selection process a little simpler we’ve included a list of the 5 most popular Psychology Research Paper Topics and 5 specific examples of psychology research paper topics.

5 General Psychology Research Paper Ideas

Comparative Study of Intelligence

Consider a project where you evaluate the level of intellect in different parts of the world.

Dream Study

Write a paper that explores different psychologists theories on dreams.

Psychological Disorders

Evaluate some common psychological disorders from a critical standpoint. What triggers these disorders and how are they being treated.

Indigenous psychology

Indigenous psychology is a type of psychology that investigates conventual thinking and habitual behaviors of individuals who exist outside of our modern culture, such as natives in Africa.


This is a unique category of psychology to explore because it is not supported by the common text. Parapsychology includes non-proven psychological phenomena’s such as telepathy and premonitions.

5 Specific Psychology Paper Topic Ideas

Occurrences of Schizophrenia in Young Women and Men

The Effects of Birth Order on a Person's Personality and Achievements

What effects does Abortion have on Mental Health?

Is Hyperactivity in Children Caused By Their Environment or Biology?

The Role of Genetics and Environment in Determining Intelligence

Tackling Your Research Paper

If you still aren’t sure what approach to take or remained stumped on how to approach your psychology paper assignment there plenty of resources online for students, including more top research paper ideas, research notes, and writing samples that you can use to help you complete your project. Due to the fact that psychology is such a broad and unique area of study there are so many interesting angles that you can explore.

The best way to choose a topic for a psychology paper is to consider your own curiosities. What concepts interest you the most in the field of psychology?