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Why Are Most Essay Writing Services Scams

Selecting an essay writing service is a gamble. While there are many reputable essay writing services, most essay writing services are scams. It is easy for unethical Internet business people to create essay writing services that do not delivery what they promise. Some essay writing service are just website that are using pay-per-click advertising to make money, they do not even provide essay writing services at all.

Hiring an Essay Writing Service is Unethical

Some people believe that essay writing services are unethical businesses in the first place. Most people in the education industry think that students should do their own work and not hire someone else to do it for them. Teachers believe that it is plagiarism to turn in an essay that someone else has written in your place. Students will not improve if they do not practice and essay writing services, the real ones, make it too easy for students to give up because someone else can write for them.

Internet Scammers Know What They Are Doing

Since essay writing services are controversial in the first place, it is easy for Internet scammers to make businesses that are scams. There is nowhere to complain if you have given your money to an essay writing service, because it then shows you are comfortable cheating. The recourse on a scammed essay writing service is non-existent, so scammers can get away with anything they want when they take students’ money on a fake essay writing website.

It’s Easy to Make Websites

Once someone learns how to create a website, it is easy to create more of them. Even if scammers only get to tempt students for a few days, they can easily make a significant amount of money without having to deliver. Students who do not want to be taken advantage of should only buy essays from websites that ask for payment once the product has been completed. Even if the website just gives a preview before you pay, you should be able to see what you are getting before you give any money.

Beware of Karma

The biggest lesson that students should take from scam essay writing services is that when they choose to hire someone to do their work, they can be cheated, too. No one will feel sympathy for someone who is scammed while trying to scam someone else. Some people might call that karma – because what goes around can come back around.