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How to Compose A Good High School Essay About Your Best Friend

On occasion the teacher will allow you to pick a subject to write on. Can you imagine that? You having a choice in what you want to write about! What a world! In any case, this is an essay that will prove a bit difficult or easy for a number of reasons:

It’s Purely Based On Opinion

Your opinion on your friend might be fact to you, but it is opinion. Unless your friend is famous, there won’t be any research needed. The factual part will be how you met your best friend, where your best friend is from, etc. and so on. Another factual part could be why they’re a great best friend, but that’s a very soft factual part.

It’s Your Best Friend

Obviously you’re going to have the highest opinion of your best friend or else they wouldn’t be your best friend. Well, they could be your best friend if you have one of those odd situations where no one in the school likes either of you, you two don’t like each other, but you two get along well enough and for some reason are always around each other.

Needless to say that would make for a tremendous essay and provide plenty of food for thought in the course of writing:

  • Why are you two friends?
  • Is your best friend just an utterly contemptible person? You would definitely know if they were.
  • Are you contemptible? Unless you’re the most honest person in the world, you wouldn’t consider yourself downright dastardly. If you do, you just made this essay even more interesting to read and write!
  • How do you two manage to tolerate each other?

Of course, most friendships aren’t as interesting in origin, so just list the redeemable qualities of your best friend. This will help you map out what to touch upon in your essay and is a kind of substitute for research.
Yes, a very soft substitute for research.

Pacing Isn’t Important

Given the topic of the essay, you can do whatever you want in terms of pace, flow, and emphasis. There’s no need to establish any of that here. While it’s preferred that you don’t, if you want to gush over your BFF in your essay, go for it. This isn’t an informative or argumentative essay so knock yourself out.

To sum this up, an essay on your best friend can be daunting to those who prefer a concrete guideline to follow, but liberating to those due to the freedom the subject at hand provides. There’s no script here, so just go for it. If you need a rough draft so be it, but for the most part no plotting is needed.