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An expert guide on writing a good IB extended essay

The first thing you need to know about writing an extended essay is that it is meant to be a demonstration of your knowledge in any particular area written in a long-form composition. In your junior or senior year of high school you may be asked to complete an extended essay as a final writing assignment and it will worth a large amount of your final grade percentage and required in many cases if you wish to receive your diploma.

The really great thing about an IB extended essay is that it can be on nearly any topic in your area of study. This means, for the first time in your high school career the teacher isn’t going to dictate what you write about.

The bad news is you need to come up with an idea on your own, and for many people this can be difficult below we’ve outlined some great ways to choose a topic for your IB essay.

  1. What are your interests
  2. If your going to write 4000+ words on one topic, it better be something you enjoy writing about. Consider your interests, or a concept that you would like to explore further within your studies.

  3. What would you like to be more knowledgeable about
  4. Don’t pick something that you are already a self proclaimed “expert” on, instead try to find an intriguing idea that you would like to explore in depth.

    This will make the researching process, easy and fun instead of daunting and repetitive.

  5. What are your personal insights and experiences
  6. Another great way to simplify the writing process is to draw from your own experiences. Don’t make the mistake of choosing an idea, which you cannot relate too or know nothing about. For example: If you are a seventeen-year-old boy who knows nothing about feminism in the 1960’s. It probably isn’t the best topic for you to explore. (Unless your weirdly into that stuff)

  7. What hasn’t been done before
  8. Some topics have been so blatantly overdone that writing or researching them at this point is like beating a dead horse. Try to come up with something original to write about OR shed some unique insights on an old concept. Don’t just choose something because it will be easy, choose a topic based on your level of genuine interest because it will come across in your finished product.