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How to Write a Good College Essay in 1 Hour

We've all been there. You're lounging around, maybe watching television in your dorm room, waiting until it's time to go to class – and then you realize. In one hour, as soon as class starts, you have an essay due – an essay you complete forgot about! We've all been in this position, and it's never a good experience. While some students choose to give up and simply tell the professor they forgot, others want to crack their knuckles, buckle down and dot hat essay – even if they only have an hour! Luckily, there is a way to compose an essay in an hour, as long as your stay intently focused. Here's the breakdown of writing a good college essay in an hour (or less!):

  1. Identify your thesis, position or purpose. Write you response to the essay question or purpose of the essay down on a note card, or even at the top of a piece of paper. This should take seconds and is the core of what your entire essay revolves around.
  2. Outline your major points. Usually you need at least three good, supporting points to uphold your essay. Outline them briefly using traditional outlining methods or an essay map. Include the essential support and details that will uphold each critical point. This should take, at maximum, ten minutes.
  3. Write your introduction. Your introduction should introduce the purpose of your essay and your position or thesis, while briefly introducing the major points that will arise in the body of your essay. This should also take, at maximum, ten minutes (don't forget your note card if you need it).
  4. Write the body of you essay. This should be simple, since you have the outline to work off of. Transfer each major point in a comprehensive paragraph (or two paragraphs, if needed). This should be a relatively easy transition since you've already identified the major points and their supporting details. This step may take 10-20 minutes.
  5. Write your conclusion. Also taking a maximum of ten minutes, compose a conclusion to your essay. This should sum up your findings (while not repeating yourself) and provide some meaningful last note on the essay.
  6. Review, edit and proofread. You should have several minutes left to go back through your essay and reread for clarity and error. Spell check works great, but even this handy tool will miss some more subtle mistakes. Never forget this last step, even if you're writing your essay in under an hour – it could change your grade from mediocre to outstanding.